Information best kept clear from the cloud

In today’s world, storing information in the cloud seems seems like the norm and sometimes people are not even aware they are doing so. For anyone who understands how cloud services work you will know that storing sensitive information within it can carry high risks, possibly threatening a lot of your personal information.

If for some reason you are unaware of the the recent hacking, where reportedly dozens of celebrities have had their iCloud accounts compromised by a group of hackers, has resulted in their (very) personal pictures, which had been stored on Apple’s iCloud service, leaked all over internet.

For many of these cloud services your personal data is only protected by a simple username and password. Unfortunately, in the past, this level of security has shown simply that it has not been enough to prevent people (hackers) from invading peoples personal lives. So, you may be thinking why bother with storing such valuable or personal information in the cloud in the first place? Well, I sometimes think this too and to put it simply, the only way to stop such information getting into the wrong hands is to not put it on there at all. However, for some types of data, this is not not always as practical.

Now, here are three things that you should definitely think twice about before storing them in the cloud:

  • Personal images- images that may be showing a little bit too much skin and you want to be kept private (if you know where i’m coming from)
  • Passwords and usernames – today this kind of information is the key to our digital lives. For this information to stay safe a wide variety of usernames and passwords should be used and stored in a secure place.
  • Account numbers – This is a simple one, but you would be surprised at how many people use cloud services to store such information. This could include, bank account details, retirement account, health service accounts, credit card numbers and many more .


I have not created this post to draw you away from using any cloud services whatsoever, but merely to ensure you have sensitive information stored in appropriate places that is only available to you and not to the minute number of people who try there upmost to get hold of such information.



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