A big step for Mid-range smartphones

Both Nokia and HTC announced Mid range smartphones today at IFA 2014. Nokia came in with 3 different smartphones, the Nokia Lumia 830, 735 and 730. And HTC announced their new HTC Desire 830. Both companies aimed their new mobiles at the low to mid-end markets.

According to Nokia, the Lumia 830 is the ‘affordable flagship’. The device features a pretty decent rear camera and a set of specs that you wouldn’t jump with joy at, but for this price, are pretty decent. It comes with windows phone 8.1, OneDrive, Cortana and has Lumia Denim pre installed. The Lumia 830 comes with a hefty 5″ screen and has a 720p resolution. It’s also comes in 5 colours: white, black, green, orange and grey. It weighs in at 150 grams and is just 8.5mm thick as well as containing a 2200mAh battery.


Picture from gsmarena

The rear facing camera has a 10MP sensor and with Microsoft’s thinnest OIS module to date, they claim it can be compared to iPhone and Samsung’s S5. It has been jam packed with new features like Dynamic Flash and Rich Capture.

Nokia has integrated wireless charging into the Lumia 830, as it announced their most recent charging plate along side the device, which lights up when on charge and when you receive notifications. A nice feature I must add.

Now over to the new HTC Desire 820. HTC’s new mid-range device is rather impressive to say the least.  One of the most unique features that the Desire 820 possesses is the 64-bit Qualcomm Snapdragon 615 processor, the first of its kind in any smartphone.  This will surely set a new standard for mid-rangers in the smartphone industry.

With a  very impressive 8MP fort facing camera, the Desire 820 will surely be able to take great quality photos, great for the selfie enthusiast! The rear facing camera has a mega-pixel count of 13, which for a mid-range smartphone is fairly high.

There’s a 5.5-inch 720p display, and front-facing BoomSound speakers, great for playing a range of multimedia.

The design of the Desire 820 is a two-tone colour unibody build which is supposed to enhance the devices strength and tolerance. It will ship in a variety of colours, some with a gloss finish and then some with a more matte finish: Marble White (a glossy colour), Tuxedo Grey (a matte colour), Santorini White (glossy), Milky-way Grey (glossy), Tangerine White (glossy), Saffron Grey (glossy), Flamingo Grey (glossy), Blue Mist (glossy), and Monarch Orange (glossy).

Both phones are set to be released in September.





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