No more Nokia: ubiquitous mobile brand dropped and replaced with Microsoft Lumia


The indestructible Nokia 3310 in all its glory

I am sure that the Nokia 3310 will ring a bell in most people’s heads – you know, the phone you could throw against a wall and the phone would most probably come off worst… Well as of today we may not see many more Nokia branded devices being pulled from our pockets.

As many of you are aware, back in April Microsoft acquired Nokia’s mobile division for $7.2bn (£4.6bn). Within this deal the Finnish company were able to keep the Nokia branding on their Lumia smartphones for 10 years. However, now it seems Microsoft are pushing out their own branding on the Lumia series, which runs Windows Phone OS – rivalling Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS.

Microsoft has told tech website The verge that phasing out the Nokia brand would begin in France before spreading across other companies.

This is not the end of Nokia as company, however. Nokia will still be around but focusing on mapping and networking infrastructure. The approach Microsoft will have on marketing the revamped Lumia brand will be interesting to see, with adverts pushing the Lumia brand and not Nokia. Future Lumia releases will be a strong indication of how Microsoft’s rebranding process will pan out. Until that day we will have to just sit tight and wait.

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