Here at WhatTechblog my goal is to keep you updated with information on the latest technology from across the globe through news and reviews. As the technology industry grows, WhatTechblog believes that it is important for you to make the most out of the technology that is available today to help make everyday tasks easier and maybe even more fun 🙂

About myself:

My name is Alistair Sales and I have a passion for all things tech! I’am currently a student at the University of Sheffield in the UK. My passion for Tech started from a young age, when mobile phones were just starting to become ‘cool’ and not just a means of communication. At that age all I wanted was to have the latest, coolest tech around (which I did not get) and still very much the same today! Technology, especially mobile phones, have always had a very important role in my life (sad it may seem) and I would imagine that it is the same for many people around the world today past and present. Writing this blog allows me to inform you on the latest and most anticipated technology that is entering this huge, exciting and constantly changing market.

Thank you for taking the time to read my short bio.

Best wishes,



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