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No more Nokia: ubiquitous mobile brand dropped and replaced with Microsoft Lumia

I am sure that the Nokia 3310 will ring a bell in anyones head – you know, the phone you could throw against a wall and the wall would most probably come worst off…

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A big step for Mid-range smartphones

Both Nokia and HTC announced Mid range smartphones today at IFA 2014. Nokia came in with 3 different smartphones, the Nokia Lumia 830, 735 and 730. And HTC announced their new HTC Desire 830. Both companies aimed their new mobiles at the

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IFA 2014: What to expect

With IFA 2014 getting underway in Berlin in less than 24 hours and is promising to be one of the biggest tech events of 2014 where tech giants will be battling it out and putting all their cards on the

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